Floodplains: Washington's natural wealth

Resilient floodplains support farming and protect water quality

Flooding is becoming more severe and frequent

Working with nature to protect communities and the environment

Collaborating to meet multiple goals

Building on a strong scientific foundation for success

Innovation Through Collaboration

Washington rivers and their floodplains deliver a wealth of economic, natural and cultural benefits to our communities. Yet floodplain management, particularly around Puget Sound, has not kept pace with our growing communities. People are living in the path of flood waters; our water quality is on the decline; and habitat critical to restoring salmon populations is disappearing. Working with those who know the land and waters best, the Floodplains by Design partnership is carrying out integrated projects that improve flood protection for towns and farms, restore salmon habitats, improve water quality, and enhance outdoor recreation.

Voices of our work: Floodplains testimonials

dave-reichert-thumbnailCongressman Dave Reichert
“The project today will save property, it’ll save homes, it’ll save businesses. It also provides for a much better habitat for salmon, and it provides for some areas of recreation for folks living nearby.”

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jason-griffiths-thumbnailJason Griffith, fisheries biologist
“This project is a great success. Looking out at the marsh that’s being restored as we speak…that’s really cool and something that I’ve waited 10 years to see.”

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Floodplains by Design Workshop Agenda and RSVP

The June 2, 2017 Floodplains by Design workshop will bring together regional experts, local leaders, and practitioners to share experiences and knowledge to support our collective efforts to increase the productivity and resilience of Washington’s floodplains.