The Department of Ecology (Ecology), along with our partners the Puget Sound Partnership (Partnership) and The Nature Conservancy (TNC), are announcing the release of the Floodplains by Design (FbD) 2019-21 project list.  This project list supports Ecology’s request for $70 million in state capital budget funding for the FbD grant program.  Thank you to all groups that proposed projects in this grant round.  Your participation is essential for the success of the overall program.

The 2019-21 FbD project list was created using a technical scoring process that included representatives with expertise in:

  • Flood hazard reduction
  • Ecosystem restoration
  • Agriculture processes
  • Climate change
  • General project management

We had technical experts from different entities involved in the scoring process including the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, University of Washington Climate Impacts Group, Snohomish Conservation District, TNC, Washington Conservation Commission, and the Washington departments of Agriculture, Ecology, Fish and Wildlife, and the Washington State Military Department’s Emergency Management Division. The projects were also reviewed by the Partnership for consistency with the Puget Sound Action Agenda. The scoring process included instructional briefings and guidance provided to the review teams in advance, individual scoring, score reviews by each sub-team, and final full team meeting to go over project scores.

In accordance with the FbD Funding Guidelines, the final rank of the projects was slightly modified by the FbD Management Team.  The considerations the team took beyond the scoring system was limited to past performance on FbD grants. This completed the scoring and ranking process.

In this latest round of scoring, we had four proposed FbD projects that did not meet minimum score requirements in flood hazard reduction, ecosystem restoration, and/or need and support.  Those projects are shown at the bottom of the list as “did not meet minimum scores.”  As such they are not eligible for funding.

We also want to point out that Ecology’s capital budget request also includes two additional items that are essential to managing the grant program and implementing high impact floodplain projects: Funding for Ecology to administer the grant program; and Funding for TNC to facilitate advisory groups, coordinate the exchange of lessons learned, and provide technical assistance related to designing and implementing capital projects (TNC is providing matching funds for this).

This list will accompany Ecology’s budget request that will be submitted to the Governor’s office to be considered for the 2019-21 state capital budget.  Gov. Jay Inslee consider Ecology’s $70M request and determine in December the amount he will propose to the Legislature. During the legislative session, the House and Senate will develop their respective budgets. A final state budget will be approved during session.

We are excited about a robust list of projects that support FbD‘s multi-benefit and integrated management approach to floodplains in Washington.  Thank you again for all your work.

Floodplains by Design is a public-private partnership led by:

For more information, contact: INFO@FLOODPLAINSBYDESIGN.ORG