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Communities Across the State Are Making a Difference
By transforming how floodplains are managed on a landscape scale, Floodplains by Design supports thriving communities and a healthy environment. The heart of this approach is the idea that the most complex problems are solved by helping people work together. Trust is built through structured conversations that give voice to the values of each interest group, and coordinating investments toward local solutions.

From work in the Nooksack Watershed in the north, to the Steigerwald Reconnection Project in the south, east to the Yakima River or out on the coast with the Quileute Tribe, integrated floodplain management is spreading throughout the state, bringing diverse partners together, and leading to multi-benefit outcomes for over 60 communities. These are some of their stories.

Our Stories
FBD Spotlight
Anna Geffre
North Pacific Coast Lead Entity

“Salmon runs have significantly declined from historic levels in the Washington Coast Region. The Historic Oxbow Project will establish long-term habitat restoration, restore natural riverine processes, reconnect floodplains and wetlands, and restore in-stream habitat; all high-priority strategies.”