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Sharing Knowledge and Building Capacity

The Culture & Capacity Action Group supports the development and implementation of the FbD Learning Program through communications, collaboration, learning, and capacity building activities across the integrated floodplain network. The C&CAG helps identify challenges to the realization of local, regional, and federal integrated floodplain management goals and project implementation and workshops strategies to help address those challenges. The C&CAG works with decision making bodies of the network to institute improvements to the funding and implementation system.

Upcoming Events
FBD Spotlight
Jay Gordon
WA State Dairy Federation

“You’ve gotta get back to sitting down with local people and saying, what are the effects and what are we interested in? Floodplains by Design is a great example of that.”

Helpful Information

Below you’ll find links and downloads to resources such as the C&CAG annual workplan, slide decks from previous meetings, and other important resources.

To learn more about the Culture & Capacity Action Group, contact the co-leads: Allan Warren, or Matt Gerlach,