A Unique Storytelling Workshop and Training Opportunity
Tuesday, April 24th, 2018, 9:30am – 3:30pm
The Nature Conservancy
74 Wall St. Seattle, WA


Stories are our most powerful communication tool.  They can change how we see the world and are a vehicle for promoting and shaping our work.  The evidence is clear that the most effective stories focus on individuals or groups of people who overcome challenges to achieve success. Those are the stories that inspire.

For collective efforts, like Floodplains by Design, strategic, well-crafted and coordinated stories from partners across the state have the power to expand funding, build greater community support and influence policy.

This one-day workshop with follow-up coaching will provide simple tools and instruction to help Floodplains by Design partners identify, shape and hone stories that best represent and promote their local efforts in advancing integrated floodplain management. Individualized coaching following the workshop will enable partners to develop their best story for written and oral communication.

All Internal Rights. An aerial view of the Puyallup River near the town of Orting, Washington. Photo by Paul Joseph Brown/Lighthawk.

Representatives from each watershed/floodplain area will be asked to develop mutually supported stories that work together to convey a fuller understanding of collective integrated floodplain efforts.  For example, a fish representative and a farm representative from one watershed attend the workshop as a cohort to craft and hone their individual stories, but connect their single purpose stories within the context of integrated floodplain management in their watershed.

This training and coaching will culminate by presenting these collective stories at the May 30th Floodplains by Design workshop.

We have limited space and will give preference to small organized cohorts (2-3 people) who are interested in using their fish, farm, flood or other community values stories to collectively share a fuller integrated story about their local watershed.

Participants are also expected to attend and share their oral story at the May 30th Floodplains by Design workshop in Seattle.

For more information and to express your interest in participating, contact Courtney Baxter at courtney.baxter@TNC.ORG by March 23rd.  Confirmation of participants will be provided by March 27th.

-Floodplains by Design Management Team


Ron Geatz is a 30-year veteran of The Nature Conservancy, where he has lead media relations, field communications and publications. He is former editor-in-chief of Nature Conservancy magazine, and director of marketing and communications for the organization’s Asia-Pacific region. He has trained professionals to become better storytellers around the world from Argentina to Japan and across the United States. Before joining TNC, he worked in public affairs and education for The American Film Institute, the Smithsonian Institution and AARP.

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