The Floodplain by Design Management Team (The Nature Conservancy, Department of Ecology and the Puget Sound Partnership) seeks your input to help design a celebration event and workshop targeted for June 2016.

We are designing a celebration event to provide recognition and awards to local and state leaders. This event is critical to promoting the past success and future aspirations of local people working on floodplains across the state. We will be inviting legislators, private funders and other people important to expand support for efforts at the local, regional and statewide level. Your attendance is important to demonstrate the broad interest in integrated floodplain management and Floodplains by Design.

In addition to the evening celebration event, we would like to gather for workshop to continue sharing experiences and learning from each how to advance integrated floodplain management. 

Please take a few minutes to fill out the on-line survey so we can get your input on how to best design the event and the workshop.

Floodplains by Design is a public-private partnership led by:

For more information, contact: INFO@FLOODPLAINSBYDESIGN.ORG